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Read testimonials about Prepare to Die - Living with Purpose, Dying in Peace from those who know Mark Bellows in his professional capacities as a pastor, police chaplain, and therapist.


The timing of the release of this book could not be better as everyone in the world has been forced to come face to face with their own mortality in the context of a global pandemic. Much suffering in life (and in the pandemic) comes from fear of death, and the inability to accept and prepare for the inevitable. Throughout this engaging and unexpectedly humorous book, Mark inspires the reader to be fully present in living life now while providing gentle guidance on how to prepare for death and the everlasting hope that follows. As a healthcare professional who has witnessed beauty in the dying process for those who are prepared, this book supports what I believe to be most true about death: dying well is just as important as living well. 

Dr. Laura Sandquist DNP, APRN, CNP

“I know Mark in all three capacities in which he serves – police chaplain, therapist, and pastor. He is the gentlest, kindest, and most giving person I have ever met. I have personally witnessed him work with people in crisis and have seen him help those who are grieving and experiencing a loss. His wisdom and knowledge are impressive. Prepare to Die is a cogent look at life and death that will put you at ease and comfort your soul.” - Mary Anne Stevens, MSW, LICSW, LCSW, LADC


“Mark’s compassion for the grieving and his passion for the truth flow throughout the pages of this book. It can be a valuable resource for those of the Christian faith who are wrestling with life and death questions.” – Mike White, White’s Funeral Home


“Everyone should read this book especially those who plan to die! As followers of Jesus, to die is the next step. As Bilbo Baggins said when he was about to die (i.e. "The Sea calls us home."), “I think I’m quite ready for another adventure.” If you want to say a "good" good-bye, Prepare to Die is written for you.” – Scott Starker, with Wycliffe Bible Translators


“I have known Mark for many years and this book flows out of his heart and onto the pages as a lifeline of hope for every person.” – Rev. Tim Stark


"In my lifelong career as a professor, speaker, author, and coach, thousands of people have told me their two greatest desires are 'Living with Purpose and Dying in Peace'. And they invariably go on to ask, 'How do I get those two things in my life?' Mark Bellows brilliantly answers the question in his book, Prepare to Die.  He clears up all the fears and misunderstandings that surround death and dying and replaces it with peace and Biblical truth. And he explains exactly what it takes to have a meaningful life here and an awesome life ever after. I loved the book and so will you. It will enlighten and encourage everyone who reads it." - Dr. Alan Zimmerman, author of Pivot, The Payoff Principle, and Brave Questions

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